Condition true 1 time only

I have this PLEG problem and any help is appreciated.

I have a condition named _BEDTIME1 with an underscore to force the Action every time despite it already was true and it exists of:

  • a schedule named BedTIme (every day - on time 22:15 with random on delay of 15 minutes) and
  • a trigger named HOLIDAY (a virtual switch - which is on for more days (21 e.g.)) and remains on to stay “true”. This way I can “enable” or “disbable” the condition.

The problem:
Actions only fire once due to the condition is only true 1 time. I can see in the status report of PLEG that the conditions was true on the same time as the schedule was true. But the next day, the action does not fire anymore. I can see the schedule was true that day but in combination with the trigger (still being true, nothing happened there) the conditions was not true anymore rather than only the 1st time. Despite the underscore in the name.

I have 4 schedules in total of which 3 work correctly, but only 1 of them (only one with a trigger and a schedule combined) is not.

Currently not sharing a status report due there are some private names in it and I can not easily take them out. (shared with Richard privately, and not wanting to press Richard for an answer and also ask this community for help).

Thanks in advance for any help.

The _ in the name is an OLD interface. (It was a poor decision on my behalf)
This is now handled by the repeats flag.

Ehm, can you help me out here how to handle my problem with a repeats flag?

edit: is it just a simple by replacing the _ with the repeats toggle switch?

You can leave the _ in the name … but it has no meaning.

I assume this is a yes :-). WIll do and monitor next few days. Will report back. Thanks in advance.

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