Condition sustained for... miliseconds?

Is there a possibility to set “condition sutained” parameter in miliseconds?

I have a sensor and want to trigger activity if it is tripped. Unfortunately it gets some false trips which I can’t avoid, as this is probably due to the sensor itself (Fibaro’s Universal Binary Sensor, if that matter, I found that it can report “tripped” status occasionally without any reason)
I want to avoid false trips using a “condition sustained” parameter - the main Idea is that false trips probably are very short, shorter than real ones. Unfortunately the real ones are also quite short, they can take about a second, but also less (probably half a second?).

I want to play with this setting a little and see if it works, but as far as I see the minimum value is one second? Is it possible to change that to miliseconds?

Nope… no milliseconds. It’s something I’ve considered, but the effects are wide-ranging, so no current plan.

I’ll try with one second and see, then. Thanks for the info!