Condition Name Field will only accept numeric characters

I have a VertaLite running the latest firmware. I was setting up a new scene that was being triggered by a PLEG condition, when I get to the field to type in the name of the PLEG condition the field will only accept numeric characters, alphas automatically disappear, this is a problem because the condition name is all alphas. I’m not sure if I hit a bug or am just doing something wrong.

I will have to setup a test case to see if this is a PLEG problem or a UI7 problem.
I know it worked in UI5 … but I have not tested in UI7 … they may have changed to description for input triggers.

I verified your problem report on UI7 and I reviewed the UI7 documents that are available to developers.
There is no change for UI7 … the last change was in the UI4 to UI5 upgrade.
So I will report the bug to MCV and see when they can fix it.
Sorry I can’t provide any SAFE workarounds.

An UNSAFE workaround would be to enter some unique number that would be easy to search.
Then to edit the user_data file in the /etc/cmh area on Vera …
But if you go this route you will need to figure out based on other’s posts … as I will not document the procedure. (Too easy to brick your Vera if you make a typo)

Two other work arounds:

  1. Use LUA in the PLEG action to run your scene
  2. Move the Actions to PLEG and eliminate the Scene!

Note from Other Scenes you can run an Action in a PLEG.

  1. Just add the PLEG device in the Advanced tab of your Scene
  2. Add the RunAction command
  3. Specify the ConditionName for the associated set of actions.

Thanks Rich!

Just a vote up for this issue. I like to keep the simple scenes that I need to be able to run manually from my mobile devices (e.g. “Set all Away”) in the OEM scene editor. Plus using as much stock functionality as possible, there are theoretically fewer essential HA functions that will break with upgrades.

I used the following workaround:

  1. Using Chrome, prepare to add the condition trigger as desired
  2. right-click, “Inspect Element” on the condition name text box
  3. edit the value=“0” directly in the inspector
  4. complete the scene editor wizard