Condition misteriosly satisfied

Richard, I think that something weird happen or I am missing something. I am attaching my status. As you can see, marked in yellow, the condition “music_on_bedroom_working_mornings” was satisfied in an hour that is out of schedule. I mark all the triggers, schedule and properties attached to that condition, it was not supposed to get true at 19.35 and it did. I didn’t change anything in that. The last change I made before that was bedroom_late_when_sleeping, but I am pretty sure they are not conflictuating each other, and this last one is working as expected. Hope you can help.


Sorry I cant help you but your pdf helped me understand a bit better what can bedone with the plugin… thanks.

PS… tambien hablo espanol, saludos.

Sorry about the alert last night …

The mystery is solved, Your question was how could the following condition trigger in the evening:

Which is defined as:
(working_day_morning; bedroom_on < 2:45:00) and (bedroom_lamp_loadlevel == 100)

The answer is because apparently the Switch sets the load level status BEFORE it sets the state. So the previous ON was in the morning, within the 2:45:00 of the wakeup time ?
The sequence expressions did NOT care that the bedroom_on was from earlier in the day. So all day an into the evening this condition was true. Bedroom_lamp_loadlevel was detected first ? so the condition was true.
This is supported by the fact that the various times were:
load level: 19:35:01.818
Condition: 19:35:01.818
State: 19:35.02.0277

Only ? second difference.

To fix this change the condition to:

(working_day_morning; bedroom_lamp_loadlevel < 2:45:00) and (bedroom_lamp_loadlevel == 100)

i.e. use only 1 variable from the switch ? Since using two has a small race condition.

Thank you Richard, that 1/2 second was it, it is know fixed. And don’t worry about the alert, on the contrary, thank you for worrying so much for your users.

@jaas666 glad I can help a little. Nice idea about the alarm thing, I am starting to implement something like that myself, I have some ideas, I will post in the original topic.,16123.0.html Saludos!