Condition Edit Button Not Working

I have been using PLEG now for a little over a year. The main reason I started using PLEG was to make a better system of motion activated lights so for a long time I only had one PLEG device to run the lights.

Recently I created a 2nd PLEG device to do some miscellaneous stuff since my motion lights pleg was already very large. While in the misc pleg device I inadvertently hit the edit button on a condition. I had never before seen the resulting screen. I sat there thinking how can I have been doing this for over a year now and never saw this screen before. The condition editor screen is awesome and would help me avoid typos and what not. I was excited to try this on my more complex conditions in the motion lights pleg. Well the reason I never saw this before is the edit button on my motion lights pleg simply does not work.

Does any one have any idea why the edit button would work in one pleg device and not the other?


Same here, have one PLEG and the condition editor is not working (originally it did work).

I got mine to work. I made bacukp of the PLEG device and then deleted the device. I then created a new PLEG device and restored from that backup. The edit button is now working.

The backup/restore also worked for me but it left the “My Modes” fields blank. When I added them back the editor stopped working again. So I deleted them and will use HouseModes instead.

RTS is aware of the bug using house modes and condition edit. He posted in the other thread that he has a fix and is waiting for the next Vera update to release it.