Concord 4 Plug-in and Fixes including Icon Correction

The Concord 4 plug-in was never published and with older websites going a way, I wanted to post the latest here with all the fixes that have been added over time.

Please see the instruct.pdf for how to install the plug-in and required hardware and serial port configuration.

See the ReadMe-Update for the latest fixes and how to properly use QuickAlarm. (560.0 KB)

Note: Sorry for the repost - forum froze all my older posts so can no longer update them.

I’ve decommissioned my VE but it’s nice to see the plugin not disappearing into the ether. Gave me plenty of service while it was in use. Nice one :point_up:

Hey @shallowearth, I suggest to publish them on a GitHub repo, so it’s easier to find them in the future, for people needing them, and/or for AltStore on openLuup, if the attached license are cool with that.

Since I don’t own the plug-in (was originally created by Vera) I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

well, you’re publishing it here, I don’t see a lot of difference - but maybe you’re right - better safe than sorry :wink: