Concord 4 Fix-up Icons and Zones Page and QuickArm

Hello Concord 4 users. If you are feeling frustrated that the Icons were not working on your Concord 4 plug-in I made a few changes to fix it up using default icons. Please download the zip file and upload the associated files.

This bundle includes:

  • The Zone fix for the Parent device up if you didn’t already have it so that the Zone sensor report page will show up correctly and allow you to bypass the appropriate sensors.
  • QuickArm was always broken with the original plug in. With this fix, if you accidentally, try to arm the system to STAY with a pin, it will work and still only arm STAY, instead of taking you all the way to AWAY instead. Note If you don’t have QuickARM enabled on your Concord this fix will break your ability to arm the system! See below on how to properly configure QuickArm. Or do not upload the L_Condord.lua file to your system.
  • Icon fix up for the Parent device: it should now show as a default keypad icon
  • Icon fix up for the Partition device: it will show up as a DoorLock (unlocked if disarmed, locked if Away or Stay), and will show as an Activated Siren icon if the alarm state is active (and will return to one of the doorlock states if inactive)

Let me know if you have any trouble, you know the drill, download, unzip, upload in Apps->Develop Apps->Luup Files , then reload the engine.

Notes on QuickARM:
The setting on the Concord Plug-in was ignoring the QuickArm feature previously, this is now fixed. QuickArm means that to arm the system you only press the Stay or Away button on your keypad, instead of Stay + Pin or Away + Pin. This is a setting that is available directly on the Concord, see your User Manual on how to enable or disable QuickArm. In the Vera Plug-in QuickArm is set to “enabled” by default. If your system does not use QuickArm will need to disable it in the plug in (or don’t install the L_Concord.lua file update, the only change in that file is to fix QuickArm). To Disable QuickArm on the Vera:

  • Go to Zone Device (the Parent Device), click Advanced, then click on the Variable tab.
  • You will see a variable called QuickArm, set it to “disabled” (no quotes)
  • Back out and reload the engine
  • You than you should check the Partition Device (the Child Device) and make sure the Variable QuickArm is also set to “disabled”.

This will allow your system continue to function correctly if your Concord is not configures for QuickARM…

Also note that the original instructions claimed that you needed to set the ExtraFeatures variable to 1 to enable QuickArm, this is not correct, ExtraFeatures is only used for the Chime feature, you do NOT need to turn on ExtraFeatures for QuickArm, I would recommend leaving ExtraFeatures set to 0 unless you really want want the Toggle Chime feature enabled in the Plug-in…

Enjoy while your Concord 4 is still in action! (12.4 KB)

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Added a fix for QuickArm that was making me nuts. It now actually works correctly, so if you accidentally put in a pin when arming the system it take it to Stay instead of Away, and won’t send two arm requests when setting Away. I updated the zip on the original post, please also see my notes explaining quick arm, so you get the behavior you want, and not the wrong behavior, if Quick arm is not currently sent on your Vera.

Nice work !!!

Unfortunately I’ve powered down my Vera Edge and moved on. I will at some stage try reconnect the VE and test what you’ve produced.

Do you know if the original plugin is being maintained. It looks fairly dormant at this stage

No, that concord plug in is ancient was never maintained or even finished and published to the App Store. But works great particularly on the latest firmware which is more stable so rarely triggers the dreaded rescan that rests your sensor numbers.

Yes I found that it was fairly intermittent via wireless at the best of times.

I know there was quite a few other features that could have been included but as you say it was unfinished and abandoned. Nice to see someone is still doing a bit of work on it though.

My Concord 4 panel is still in daily operation so I will reconnect the VE and try it out for you at some stage.