Complete restore from a backup?

I just upgraded from Vera Lite to a Vera 3 and am trying to do a complete restore. I’ve successfully restored all my Z-Wave devices but is there any way to restore my plugins and virtual devices on my new Vera?

you did this:

"You backup the the Z-Wave network first.

Then you backup your Vera Lite. This backup always contains the most recent Z-Wave backup you made.
In this case it should be from a few minutes earlier.

Then save the backup on your local computer.
Unplug the Vera Lite … and Do not plug it in again … while your new Vera 3 is running!!! (At least not in Z-Wave radio range with your house)

Restore this backup on your Vera 3 … Select restore Z-Wave network option."

Taken from Richard Scheaffer

I have. However, the Z-Wave network isn’t the problem. I’m hoping to restore things like “Room” names, my plugins/PLEGs and scenes which I’ve created.

you should have all that back from the restore…

Did you follow the instructions exactly.

Odd… it seemed to have worked this time. Didn’t change how I did anything from the previous times but for some reason this time the backup/restore took. Sorry for bothering. Appreciate you taking the time!

Oh, sometimes for whatever reason, it takes time to pull itself together!

congrats on the new Vera3