Compatability issue with DSC plugin and Vera WWN (Nest) Plugin

I’ve gone back and forth with various backups, and have since removed the WWN plugin. I’m 99% sure I have an issue with this.

Latest UI7 (to get the WWN Plugin)

DSC plugin with 2DS.

I’ll frequently get a banner notification in Vera “Invalid Password for the EnvisaLink module, please reconfigure” and this frequently causes certain alarm triggers not to be captured by Vera.

Is anybody else seeing this?

And no, it’s not an issue with my 2DS password. It hasn’t changed in years and is configured correctly (and indeed works great with the WWN uninstalled).


No, I tested the DSC plugin in UI7 with the 2DS again only very recently.

Other than some very slow configuration, which may have been one your experiencing but I can’t remember. Otherwise it worked perfectly.

That is not to say, your user data has not been corrupted but I would suspect, this would have been more evident; as it would occur every connection and you would not connect at all.

Remediation. Log on to your 2DS directly and ensure it is set to the default password if it isn’t.

I would first force an update to ensure it was fully configured as this was the issues I referred to above. http://ip_address:3480/data_request?id=update_plugin&Plugin=xxx

It you don’t have too many dependencies linked to the DSC devices, you could delete and reinstall.

On a separate note, EVL4 will be coming out and that will be the time to replace the old 2DS.

Just to confirm: do you have the Works With Nest Vera thermostat working? (the one that just came out a week or so ago?)

Not the older Nest plugin from Watou.

No, sorry I was referring too the DSC plugin. Sorry for any confusion.

Ok. My 2DS and DSC work perfectly fine without the Vera WWN Nest Thermostat plugin. Looking for somebody with that combination to see if they have the same issue.

I have a 3DS, DSC plugin and have been scratching my head about the sudden appearance of the “Invalid Password for the EnvisaLink module, please reconfigure” message that started a little while back. Looking at this thread it does seem to coincide with my upgrade to firmware 1.7.569 and the addition of the WWN plugin for my Nest.

So, one more person with this issue and this combination!

Well, that makes two of us.

I removed the WWN Plugin and my DSC works fine.

However, I now can not reinstall the WWN plugin at all.

Seems like I’ll be waiting for the next firmware to see if that fixes things. I have a support case open with Vera but not sure how far that is getting.

Same issue here; DSC alarm panel with Envisalink DS2 on latest firmware. After installing Works With Nest module I kept getting repeated prompts on the Envisalink password no longer being correct. I also did no longer get any status updates from devices/sensors in my alarm through to Vera.

I removed the WWN module (resinstalled the Nest app) and the password notification is gone, system works as it’s supposed to again.

Has anyone bit the bullet on the new firmware to see if this issue on the Envisalink password issue pops up again when enabling the Works wit Nest integration?

I have the new firmware.

I put in LUA start up code that has Vera send me an email every time LUUP restarts.

Apparently my system was overheating and doing multiple reboots (or rather, LUUP restarts) and I suspect it was a timing condition that caused it to try to reconnect to my 2DS before the 2DS terminated the previously orphaned connection.

These issues resolved when I removed the WWN plugin.

But I also removed my opensprinkler plugin, and now have WWN on.

The frequency of reboots has gone way down (not it only does a reboot when I do something to cause it like add a new device or change minimote buttons ( previously I had probably 20 reboots a day with me doing nothing).

I still got the DSC error, but just did a complete reboot (instead of just a LUUP restart) and now that error message is gone.

So - the WWN plugin in combination with other plugins was causing my Vera to reboot and rebooting triggered the DSC alarm problem. But the WWN plugin itself may not have been the one and only reason my Vera was rebooting.