comparison to OpenHab?

Following this with great interest… seems awesome!

My question is how is this different from OpenHab, at least in spirit? seems like more platform choice… and easier!

I don’t have direct experience of OpenHAB, but it certainly has a large and vibrant community. The down side, for me, was

[ul][li]a whole different ecosystem to learn (I have nothing against learning, but I do see some people struggling a bit. Perhaps they would with openLuup too.)[/li]
[li]Java implementation, speed and size. [/li][/ul]

The biggest thing I have Vera to thank for is introducing me to the Lua language, which I didn’t previously know. I have used Java, but now that’s not for me.

openLuup is pure Lua. I can use existing plugins and have a pretty extensive system running in a few megabytes. It’s fast and small and runs easily on an Arduino Yun (which I also have configured as a gateway to MySensors Arduinos.) Java wouldn’t do that too well.

Its genesis can be traced back to this post, where @d55m14 asked if one of my other plugins (DataYours) could be run on a RaspberryPi.,31078.msg220330.html#msg220330

Thanks… your first bullet is me completely :smiley:

I’m a Windows guy… look forward to seeing how this keeps getting better