Community performance

Is it just me or has the response time for the site been utterly awful the last couple of days?

Might well be a change to our corporate system but sometimes pages are completely failing to load.



I haven’t noticed any issues here from Atlanta. On occasion pages do not load and a refresh brings them up, but it’s been like that for me since the cut-over to Discourse. I know for a while there the Vera network team was doing a lot of wool-pulling on the infrastructure, deploying new servers and what not, and it’s been better since the bulk of that work appears to have ended, but it still happens occasionally.

This is still the DNS issue we had from the start, which is the queue for the networking team. I’m not holding by breath tho as they are neck deep in deploying the new infrastructure. But it will be resolved.

Catman, let me know if the experience persists and if you notice any pattern.


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Certainly a bit better, (i.e. the pages load eventually but the last couple of days it’s been un-usable for me :frowning:

OK I am un-convinced by this being a DNS issue. I’m not getting white pages, Im getting a spinning wheel for minutes, if not hours.

Repeatably if I close the tab and open a new one (Chrome on OSX) response time immediately improves, for 3-4 reloads. It then starts to degrade, gradually, until it becomes too tedious to use.

Certainly not ruling out something odd about our corporate LAN but none of the other forums I access show this. Also this is a change in behaviour



I’m inclined to agree. This feels more like a proxy/firewall/IDS randomly dropping connections, or perhaps a load balancer misconfigured or with one target bagging but undetected.

Seems much better this morning. I am on different network segment in a different location


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