Communications error and wierd numbers from temperature sensor

Hello everyone,

Got a wierd one!

I have 2 vera’s slaved.
The main vera has an ethernet shield and 4 devices , which was working fine.

Yesterday I made another ethernet shield for the other vera, after some troubles ( MAc adress) I got it to work and (it also shows on the main vera , although the app and device is included on the other vera.)

This morning I woke up and noticed my temperature sensors ( 2 of them) are not reporting anymore , and one has a very wierd number , it shows temperature as: 17.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 shit loads of zeroes! The other one doesn’t update

I also noticed on the vera Gui (UI7) that it says on top : MySensors plugin : Cannot send command - communications error

Offcourse , I am not at home >:( when this happened.

How to best troubleshoot this?
I can still ( got acces via teamviewer on the local network at home) ping both ethernet gateways.

It seems the node on the ethernet gateway I made yesterday (on the slaved vera 3) is working fine , but the nodes on the ethernet gateway from the main vera are non-responsive ( temperature sensors , servo- actuator).