Communication between Vera 2 and Visonics Powermax Pro


Abstract: I was just wondering. Shouldn’t it be possible to Connect the Vera 2 to a RFXCOM USB and then connect the Visonic Powermax Pro Alarm Panel to a wireless X10 Transceiver? And the establish communication through X10 between those 2 units? (To Disarm/Arm and get sensor status)

I’m about to buy the Visonic Alarm Panel, and might have an issue connecting the panel with my Vera 2 (UI5) through an RS232-> USB connection.(Which is, i know, the current suggestion in connecting both units)

My Vera is “miles” away from the location of the Alarm Panel. And i can’t have a 90 feet USB cable going through my house.

Am i way off here?

What about the DSC Alexor. Seems to be great with the master unit put away for security reasons. Is there anybody writing on a code for that system?