Coffee Maker

Is there a z wave coffee pot on the market? I want to figure out a way to make a scene for starting a cup. Any solution is welcome.

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There is no Z-Wave coffee maker. You would have to use either a Z-Wave receptacle that the coffee maker is plugged into, or rewire and install a microswitch into a coffee maker.

In the case of coffee makers, you’re likely better off buying one with a built-in timer.

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I think getting a single serve model to lower your wait time…but you won’t get the aroma while your still in bed :frowning:

A pot with a timer would be the next best option.

With water reservoir requirements and ensuring the cup is there…I don’t think there is a safe way to do it unattended with a Tasimo or Keurig.

No problem! Just put the coffee maker next to your bed! ;D

Brilliant :slight_smile: