Code Generating Rental Tool

Is there any plan for a simple door lock code generating tool that can be introduced into vera for the vacation rental folks? It would also be nice if there is a way to do a custom permissions or just lock it down to staff so they can generate codes only.

I know samsung smartthings is working with commercial companies and there are paid subscriptions out there but it would be nice is Vera would do this natively.

I know the Schlage BE469 has the ability in Vera to set codes and delete them. I have them but never tried the custom codes

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I believe @rigpapa is working on a new plugin for PIN codes. There is also an older PIN plugin that I’ve never gotten to work

I can add and delete codes from Kwikset locks remotely on my Vera Plus controller, and could add time restriction to the use of those codes if needed. I have my own code to enter my two houses and have added another one for a friend who checks in on my winter house. I have used the last 7 digits of his cell phone number for his code. Its an easy way for him to remember. I don’t know how one could grant permission for others to set codes without giving them access to everything in the house. There is also a master code on the lock itself that hinders folks from adding codes directly on the lock itself. Giving someone that master code might allow them a way to manually enter a code for a vacation renter on the lock itself, but I would be wary of doing that.

is that app called “Pin Management Center” ? If i install this will i have to reconfigure my door locks again?

That’s the one. I tried to use it once, could never really get any kind of interface to show up.

I installed and it was asking me to assign it to a room. I have multiple rooms :smiley:
Also i did not see any info on the help link. Seems sketchy.

Hi @rigpapa can you give us a timeline for this new app or is it just too new to put a date on it?

To be really blunt… given GDPR, CCPA, and other similar codes… risk assessment makes this an undesirable avenue for at least this independent software developer to pursue. There’s also no incentive to build infrastructure around the current Vera firmware. LockValet is, at least for the moment, dead.