CO2 sensor with the best Vera support

I’m updating a heating and venation system, what CO2 sensor has the best Vera support? I need to be able to active the venation system in order to reduce CO2 levels in an area where people are sleeping in a water heated building. I am not looking for a detector, I need to be able to set the CO2 levels that trip the venation system.

Thank you for your help.

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No one. Dream on :-). All CO out there are for “protecting people”. Not actually measure.

I am using Netatmo, so far best CO2 sensor with widest range, just needed to use Netatmo plugin (not that original Vera but the one from MiOS store), works flawlessly several years. Z-wave CO2 are much more expensive and not so good range.


Does vera support the Netatmo Air Quality Monitor?

Air Quality Monitor

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If you’re into diy, a good route is building one yourself. Nodemcu and a sensor for less than 20 bucks. Values can be easily pushed with
Mqtt or pulled via API.

I’m also utsing Netatmo Wheater station. Works fine!

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Here also perfectly happy with Netatmo Weather station via the plugin on my Vera Plus controller with Vera firmware. Really wonder if and when this will be possible on the Ezlo firmware.


I have been looking same for the same purpose, just a sensor with z-wave.Some systems are available, but with displays etc. features and quite high price.

This one looks promising but haven’t seen for sale anywhere yet:

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As therealdb suggested you can build co2 sensor using a Nodemcu I found the below walk through

IoT Air Quality Sensor

And after you build the sensor you can write the plug-in using python and django for vera

I believe akbooer wrote the veria Netatmo Wheater station plugin using the API that Netatmo provides


Netatmo API

A lot of the base code for Netatmo Wheater station should be the same for the Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor. Maybe we could start a vera crowd fund to buy him a Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor and help motivate him to write a plugin for it lol

I don’t think the Netatmo Weather station will work with the Ezlo firmware with out and update to the plug-in

I don’t see the Philio CO2 Sensor on the supported product list from vera . . . . . . . . .

CO2 Sensor PAT12

The Philio CO2 Sensor looks like it would be the most practical solution, just mount it above a power outlet and fish your wires in the wall then replace the wall outlet with a outlet that has a USB port to power the sensor.

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The Tasmota route is really easy:

There’s no device file for CO2 (there’s one for CO, but it’s a completely different thing), so you’ll need to use the generic sensor plugin. It’ll be OK, I use one to measure a tank and it’s only annoying that you’re going to miss the unit label and you’ll get a generic “Level” label. Plus, you’ll have to write your own rules/scenes and/or a virtual sensor. But it’s really easy to build. I’m not good at all at soldering, just find pre-cabled version of NodeMcu/sensors and you’ll good to go.

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Are you looking for a CO sensor or a CO2 sensor? They are two different gases and need to have two different sensors. If you are looking for CO2 sensors that will be problematic and I have never seen a CO2 sensor that will work with any Z-wave/Zigbee controllers without significant modification. There are lots of CO sensors out there but they only give on/off (good/bad) and won’t give you a quantitive value.

CO2 sensors need to be mount 4 feet from the floor. I’ve told if the CO2 sensors are not aesthetically pleasing there not getting mounted on the walls lol I don’t think I’ll be building my own CO2 sensors for this application.

I’ve E-mail Philio about there CO2 Sensor PAT12 I’ll have to see what they have to say. . . . . .

There are lot of wave/Zigbee/Bluetooth CO2 Sensors out there but there more common in Europe and Asia. What I’m looking for is basic model that works with vera or one that has a good API. CO2 is a bigger problem in commercial building & building that are water heated. In a house that is heated with water heating you have less air movement than in a house that has a furnace. In a house your CO2 levels are the highest while people are sleeping. High levels of CO2 can make it hard for you to wake up in the morning, make your body feeling sore and leave you feel tired for the first 4 or so hours your awake. It effects everyone differently. CO2 won’t kill you but it will leave you feeling shitty in the morning lol

A point for clarity. CO is carbon monoxide, CO2 is carbon dioxide. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is the ‘silent killer’ for which you need detection. Building codes call for CO detectors.

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CO2 will also kill at above 8-10%.

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Yes, of course CO2 is a killer as well. I felt it appropriate to clarify CO vs CO2. Their impact on the body is significantly different. Note that residential building codes make reference to detecting CO, but do not require detecting CO2.

Just for information.
Natural CO2 leak kills over 1500 in a African village

Did you get any response from Philio?

Not only Philio,
MCO Home MH9. Somebody reports, it works.

I’ve just ordered a Heiman CO detector for my Kitchen to go near the Gas boiler.

Will see how well it works with Vera? When it arrives. Don’t know how to actually test the CO detector however other than pressing the test button on it.

Most of detectors, can work without any dancing around it.
This Heiman device (cheap, when ordered from China) not CO2 (carbon dioxide) detector.
It a carbon monooxide detector - device with different kind.

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