CO2 Medium icon not showing

Hi akbooer,

I found a minor code defect for showing the CO2 Medium icon. in the setMetricIcon function you use “CO2_mid” for the value, but else were in the code it is “CO2_med”. After making both “CO2_med” (my random choice :wink: ) it works fine.

Just wanted to let you know for a next release.

Cheers Rene

Thanks for that info!

Fixed in the latest development branch update. Thanks again!

Perfect :smiley:

Any idea when you are going to promote the new code?

Well, I’d normally wait for a more substantial change. It’s only actually a one-character change to one file. Do you have a difficulty with getting it from the development branch?

I hadn’t pondered that. When I think dev branch I think about my DEV guys and me not having access ;-). I will take a look!

Edit: Found it! Thank you.

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