Clearing Alerts on iOS UI7 Client

Anyone figured out how to clear alerts from the yellow alert bar at the top of the iOS7 client? Was rather hoping the latest (2.2) would take care of that, but they still seem to hang around for a few days.

Would also like to know how to sort the order of Favorites.

I’m not able to do it on the Android app either. Which is a pain as one of my door sensors apparently popped the cover slightly and it sending tamper alerts every few seconds… :slight_smile: I’ve been logging into the WebUI to trim them. troubleshooting will have to wait until I get home tonight.

Update: The sensor cover doesn’t lock 100% to the base it seems. A bump from the magnet when the door closes may dislodge it. Easily fixed with some sellotape to fix it into place…

Try renaming the file:

If it complains about that … then rename it back after editing out the alerts.

You can clear UI7 alerts that have got stuck by running the following Lua code in Apps → Develop apps → Test Luup code (Lua). Paste the code into the text box and click GO. Note that you will probably get a Failed to test code, please try again message due to a bug (still in 1.7.961) but it should still work. You could also run the code in LuaTest.

local file ="/etc/cmh/alerts.json", "w+") file:write('{ "alerts": [ ] }') file:close()

You may need to reboot Vera before the messages disappear from the Dashboard.

Swipe to clear/delete will hit the mobile apps next month.

Colin, Thank you! Could you perhaps also have a ‘Refresh/Reload’ button added? I’ve noticed on the Android app that although it shows me logged in and seems to know my Vera, it’s not showing any devices. ‘States it needs configuration’ Sometimes the Android ‘back’ button gets it to ‘reload’ and it works fine again. Other times logging out and back into the app fixes it. I’m wondering if the app just loses a connection and needs to contact the server and refresh it’s device list. As in the ‘no devices’ state, it also no longer does geofencing.

Hmmm. The good news is that the LUA code posted above did clear the old yellow bar alerts on both my Vera Lite and my Vera iOS app. The bad news is that when I rebooted my Vera Lite, I got a “Corrupt House ID” alert. Fortunately, a second power cycle seems to have cleared that. And although the ability to clear iOS alerts by swiping was supposed to be available in March, I don’t seem to be able to do that.