Clean Slate with new Vera--need camera system that records. What would you do?

I am building up a new system in a new house. I have historically used a DVR/NVR for cameras.
Using a new VeraSecure, what would you do to get camera integration with the Vera?

I want:
–multiple cameras around the house, some inside, some outside.
–recording of motion kept for a reasonable period of time; maybe a week or so
–leverage the Vera to have some kind of useful integration

What would you do?

blueiris, that what most of us use

I also strongly recommend Blue Iris. No cloud fees and you’re in total control. Not an expensive product, but you need a Windows machine to run it on 24/7. Ideally, a second PC used only for BI and maybe other home automation software.

Supposedly you subscribe to Vera Sentinel but it hasn’t launched as per this link -

When you are able to make it work, it will also cause network traffic in your LAN as the multiple high res videos are recorded. So, DVR/NVR usually have a separate network for multiple camera installations.

Currently, I use a separate system from Hikvision using analog hd that records locally using a hard drive in the DVR that allows liveview internet access when needed (via hikvision app). And sends pictures to my email whenever there are alerts (via hikvision also). I am also able to have live view pictures on the vera dashboard as hikvision cctv is supported by vera through motion jpegs.

I am also able to access hikvision alerts in my vera system by connecting a door sensor to the alarm output terminals of the dvr. so, my lights blink whenever there is an alarm from my hikvision dvr (such as when there is a person in my gate).

What I cannot do yet is have vera system alerts trigger cctv actions (such as sending email picture, when there is fire detected). My dvr has alarm input but haven;t been able to find an easy solution. Hopefully, this will be solved when vera enables alarm sending with pictures.

So what is it about BlueIris that places it over a basic QSee, FLIR, or other all-in one NVR system?

It depends what you are trying to accomplish. BI + PC is certainly superior in terms of software, but NVR might be cheaper and easier to maintain then a full blown pc. But if you have a PC available to run it on, I would recommend it every time. I have an old i7-2600 running it and supporting 18 cameras at an average of 10 frames a second. I have gone to 30 frames, but it seems to offer little and ate up disk space. This setup has never caused me any problems in 4 years of operation. The only problem I have ever had is that early on I brought some cheap IP cameras that were not reliable, not BI’s fault. Switched to cheap Dahua 4MP cameras and life is good.

Here is just a few of the things I use and like, why not try downloading and trying it, you can for free.

I can use a combination of almost any cameras, I have Dahua, Reolink, HikVision, Bosch, AXIS, etc. It will even record the audio from them.

The mobile App is really good, it is all I use day to day. I use it iOS and often just save clips to my phone

One single camera can be split into several virtual cameras. So, one camera can have many different motion sensing area. I have a camera pointed at my gate, one virtual (clone) camera triggers if someone comes thought the gate but only stores alerts, the other virtual triggers if a car drives up to my gate and also records 24/7

You can set specific motion settings for night vs day based on sunrise sunset, so it changes gradually throughout the year

I like that I can use geofence or a trigger with a relay (or via Blue Iris plug into Vera) to enable or disable motion detection or alerts when you come home or leave. I have all my indoor cameras disabled when I get home but the outdoor cams remaining active

I have my system setup to store locally then then archive to my QNAP NAS, this is hard to impossible on a NVR. Note, some cameras can be set to record and store for longer periods than others