Clarification about Memory and CPU

Can someone give advice how I should understand the values from Eventwatcher (what is normal/not normal)?
For example, I have a Vera Plus and have the following values:

Vera Memory
Red line: 150MB
Blue line: 195

EventWatcher Memory

Vera CPU

[ul][li]red - free memory[/li]
[li]blue -available memory[/li]
[li]EventWatcher memory - the amount being used by this app only[/li][/ul]

In Unix terms, available = free + cached, so you have lots of elbow room.

The time to worry is when free suddenly dips low.

My Veras (Lite and Edge) typically run at 20% CPU, but I’m not using any heavy plugins like PLEG.

Would it be a good idea to write a short explanation on the reports?

…agreed that’s not the same as on the report itself.