Cisco Linksys WVC80N Camera question

I followed the instructions. I cant get ta picture.
The camera is on the same wireless as the Vera3
This camera has ver 1 build 8 firmware. The vera3 is also up to date

I get a screen with the message "Here is the image from the camera click ADD to add to the miOS.

Wired or wireless I get the same results.
I can open a broswer and add the same info and get a picture.

I have even tried this

Both are successful in a web browser but not to the vera3

Any thoughts ?


Try this:

URL: /img/snapshot.cgi
username and password in appropriate fields if required
MAC Address: leave blank

  • Garrett

Did that.
Oh this is a Vera3 UI5
There is no mac address space.


I have four of these camera in a UI5 Vera2 environment. My firmware version is v1.0.01 build 00. All I can say is they worked a great deal better in UI4. I have submitted a bug report and have commented on this subject in another thread on this forum.

I do have an image. The settings that garretwp gave you should work. If they don’t, you may have to look at your advanced settings. My device_type for my cameras is urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DigitalSecurityCamera:1. My device file is D_DigitalSecurityCamera1.xml. My impl_file is I_FoscamPTZ.xml. My URL is /img/snapshot.cgi?size=3&quality=1. With these settings you should at least get an image.

You will also have several shortcomings in the UI5 environment, that did not exist in UI4: If you try to use View to look at an bigger image, it will probably break. No light will turn on when you look at the camera via the web. Archives will only be available for one day, if you are lucky. You will not be able to delete archive pictures at this time; Mios tech support will have to do it for you.

With UI4, I thought that the Linksys WVC800N camera was a good option. I think there are better web cameras today, but, based on chatter on this forum, it seems that no non-Panasonic web cameras can be used to its full potential using the existing UI5 firmware. That is unfortunate because the future success of the Vera controllers is extremely dependent on how well it supports web cams used to provide video surveillance.

In a final note, I have never seen Version 1 Build 8 firmware for this camera. Where is it available? I have never seen it on the Cisco web site.

Good luck.