CI800 - Not keeping Scene Schedule

I have the MicasaVeraLite and a CI800 thermostat which have been successfully paired. I’ve also setup Scenes for “Night”, “WeekdayAway”, “WeekdayHome” etc.

The system seems to initiate, at the scheduled time for each Scene the Thermostat shows the correct target temperatures; however, 90 seconds later when the VeraLite polls the Thermostat it returns to the manually set temperatures?

I’ve gone through all the settings on both the devise and the controller but cannot figure it out. I’m probably missing the most straight forward solution but some help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Really no one has had a similar problem?

sorry for hyjacking your post…I have a CI800 too but with out module…can you please…tell me the part number that you have for the Z-WAVE module compatible with this CI800 ?
I will apreciated.

Similar-but different.
I have a CI300 and have tried creating scenes for daytime and night, but getting it to switch from one to the other? I have no idea.
The fact that connecting the Z-wave negates the internal program is really disappointing. Some option to choose would be nice.

will continue to search for the secret to programming this thing.

apologies for hijacking this post…

I can’t connect anything to this ci-800e-wifi no matter what I do… Did you have problems connecting yours? If so, where there any key actions involved? I’m waiting to see if they’ll return my call.

Also, maybe a dumb question, but you know about the ci-xxx vera plugin right? Radio Thermostat Wi-Fi Plugin

EDIT: finally got my CI-800E-WIFI connected…,22342.0.html