Choosing correct Dimmer Switches

So I am new to the Home Automation and I have been reading a lot on many forums. I am still confused regarding the need for Instant Status for a dimmer switch. As I understand it, an Instant Status is required if you need to have immediate feedback to the Vera to know the status whether turned off at the switch or another remote. However, over some time, the status would eventually be updated back to Vera for non-Instant Status devices. Since my goal is to add some light control to my theater room, what would be the benefits of adding dimmers with Instant Status? I am trying to determine if Instant Status is truly necessary… I am a total newb (I have not selected any dimmers yet), although I am leaning to Leviton VRMX1-1LZ if Instant Status is necessary and Linear WD500Z-1 if not.

Also besides Instant Status, is there any other benefits of the Leviton over the Linear?

Instant Status reporting is required if you want Vera to perform any actions when a switch/dimmer is operated manually. For example, if in your theatre you wanted playback to stop if someone turns on the lights at the wall-switch, you would need your dimmers to report Instant Status. It would also allow you to slave some dimmers from a master one.

If you don’t need to take any quick action is a result of manual switch/dimmer operation, the Instant Status feature is probably not necessary.

That’s good to know. I do not believe I have any need to trigger any events with the lights being turned on or off since the room is multipurpose.

Could non instant status dimmers be used with a scenario controller?

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Consider Instant Status as the device reporting back to the controller that the Action has occurred.

In a fashion, it’s a safety feature, if your scene doesn’t require being told that your Action has occurred, then you don’t need it, although the day may come where you could use this and you may regret not spending the extra $.