Checking for offline/unavailable device due to corruption

Still using ui5 on my (nearly) trusty old veralite.
Every few months my vera throws a wobbler and “forgets” the device id of some device (not always the same device) consequently communication with that device is no longer possible. The only fix i have is to restore the last good backup and away we go so its obvious vera has a hiccup at random. I’ve no idea why this happens and the only way i know its happened is when i discover by chance i cant access a particular device.
What would be useful, which should be an unnecessary, is a bit of code that runs, say once a day, to check all devices are available and can be addressed when required.
Anyone know an efficient way to do this please? Thanks

This can get you a list of IDs to start with.

I run a local webserver and think a cron job would surfice.

You mentioned it’s a VeraLite and UI5… Seems that would be a fairly old device. I’m wondering if you’re encountering an issue with the flash storage failing and data becoming corrupted?