Check your password

I am having trouble with my password to get into my Vera Website to interact with my controller… Veralite.
I can get the password to reset on my laptop… by them emailing me a new password and it works on the laptop… but when I try it on my Samsung Galaxy 5 it does not work?
Please help.

This should not affect Vera as each unit has a unique password rather than the standard ‘blank’, ‘password’ or ‘123456’ used by a lot of WiFi router manufacturers. The warning is valid though, always change the admin password on any router you install to ward of unwanted ‘visitors’.

So are you saying that as long as the user name is the same, I don’t need to have the same password on my laptop that I use to connect to the Veralite when I am home, as I do on my cell phone… they are both the same Vera program… accessing the only (1) Veralite controller.

Or this…

He is responding to the topic of this five year old discussion.

Your question is with regard to whether the password you use for a specific username while logging into the Vera UI locally must be the same as the password you use with the same username when logging into the Vera UI remotely. And yes - those passwords must be the same.