Cheapest Dimming Light Switch?

I feel like this question probably gets asked a lot, but I just picked up a vera lite and am getting into the world of Zwave. Picked up some motion sensors and a door lock from monoprice, which seem to be working well.

I’ll need to buy 6-10 dimmable light switches - I’ve bought single dimmable GE light switch from Lowes, as well as a zwave outlet receptical. Both were around $40-45, which seems high.

I’ve googled high and low, but it seems like this might actually just be the price point for a Zwave light switch - does anyone know of cheaper options? I feel like that is pretty pricey for a basic switch…

There really isn’t anything cheaper. You might find something cheaper like a sale or something, but not by much. ~$50 per switch is the norm. The better ones with instant status are a bit higher. Home automation isn’t cheap. I have done my whole house inside and out and I don’t want to know the total…prolly $3-5k. That’s a mix of light switches, sensors of various kinds, locks, etc. I just view it as a hobby or sorts, but it does add a lot of convenience in my daily life.

Linear WD500Z-1 500-watt Wall Mount Dimmer Switch is a little less expensive than the GE/Jasco dimmer and looks nearly identical. It also requires a neutral wire, which makes it better for dimming LED bulbs than the GE.

I agree 35.00 is about the cheapest your gonna find unless its like open box deals, store returns or something on ebay.

Lowes is 39.00 for the dimmer plus tax and you can find 10% off online order coupon codes or more rare I used the 10.00 off 50.00 Purchase codes. Buy 2 each order and take 5.00 off each one for 34.00 each.

I was told this 40 years ago by a furniture salesman …“When you buy junk you only smile once…”…

(p.s. he didn’t use the word junk so you substitute what you feel makes it stronger) :wink:

Get the features and styling you want. A couple $$ won’t kill the cost/benefit rationale and you’ll appreciate it longer.

I went all in on Leviton dimmers. They weren’t cheap. I’m sad to say I do not love them and would do differently if doing again. Nothing to do with anything ZWave. Its the local dimming tabs are kind of clunky and not so smooth to use. The up down dimming buttons could be better…

They are pretty pricey. But if you look at many other light switches with networking wireless capabilities, they’re similar in price to z-wave devices. They aren’t just “basic” light switches. The networking, scripting, and grouping abilities is what makes them powerful, but yes I guess if all you want is to remotely turn it on and off, it is pricey. But if that’s all you need, z-wave might be overkill.