cheap switch status indicator

I have an outdoor plug controlled by my micasa verde light, and can easily see whether it is on or not by going to the web interface. I would like, however to have some sort of external indicator - a small LED that lights up when it is on or the like so I can easily tell at a glance if the outlet is on. Simply plugging a light into the plug isn’t the greatest option, however, because of the location of the plug - it would be difficult to get something where I could easily see it.

So is there a relatively cheap solution I could rig up whereby my micasa would turn on an indicator when the switch is on? I do have a DSC security system tied in as well, so in theory I could use a PGM on that controlled by the micasa, except that I am already using the three command outputs, such that the other PGM’s (I have an expander) apparently have to be zone followers or something. Still, it might be an option somehow. Thanks.