Cheap Hardware Scene trigger

here is the question i have a VeraPlus and i’ve been buying GE Link light bulb (amazon warehouse been listing them 8.78+tax lately free shipping) i want a physical way to turn them off that wont cost me much like a scene trigger, i seem the prices like 29 or so. i mean just to turn off a 9 dollars bulb… any suggestion. thanks

The Aeon minimote will work and if you can find them on sale, they go for about $16. 4 buttons with short and long press gives you 8 scenes.

Personally I’m not a big fan of the GE-Links. I have 2 and they have an annoying habit of coming on after a brown out. Which are unfortunately too common in our area. One is hooked dup to a Hue hub, the other to a Vera Plus directly.

thanks! will try to find one