Cheap Cams

I’d be interested to know if anyone has bought a cam not on the approved list and managed to get them working OK. If so which ones, at what price and where did they get them from. Or is this a non starter and should we only use from the recommended list?

Many thanks

I have a couple ADC-V510 units that I picked up from the local Goodwill for $4. They work fine.

As long as the cameras have a URL that you can use to pull the snapshot from, any camera should work just fine, from the “get the image the camera sees” perspective. These V510s don’t have any advanced functionality - no audio recording, no IR, no PTZ, etc, so I’m not missing out on anything.

Hey Ceefin. Thanks for that. Its good to know that at a basic level a cheaper cam will work.

Do you know that if I buy an ‘off list’ IP camera that has pan and tilt, will that functionality work with via vera controls?

I’ve not had a lot of luck with Vera controls. The Foscam plugin works well (usually), but the refresh rate on the image is slow enough that I often overshoot where I intend to go.

I’ve instead relied more on positional presets for the PTZ cameras. Between using scenes to tell the camera where to look – because in my house, it’s either the front of the living room, or the back half – and maybe configuring a multiswitch device to call the PTZ API to tell it to look somewhere else, I’m pretty much covered.

I did do some digging through the source code for the foscam plugin some time ago, and it appears to me that with some tinkering, you probably could easily modify the API calls it makes to the camera and adapt it for your off-list model, possibly enabling the same set of controls.

That sounds interesting. So at face value for a cheap generic IP cam its best to purchase a fixed mount bullet cam. If you want Pan and Tilt one off the approved list is best.

I’m not a coder, but it would be interesting to take a look. How do you view the source code for a plugin and what language is it written in?

The PTZ cameras can work fine, if you can interface with them outside of the vera app as well as use the snapshot. Throwing in scene specific commands to the camera’s API can let you move it around as I’ve already described.

As far as the plugins, you can open the I_FoscamHD.xml file in a text editor and peruse it. It’s all in lua/luup code. I found the file somewhere on the board here.

Thanks for that. I’ll see if I can find the file and have a look. Im sure thsat will be interesting to look at. I have just ordered a Sricam AP003. Ill let you know if I get it working.

I have done a search on the forum and I can find I_FoscamHD.xml

Do you have a copy of the file or a link to where I can find it?

It is in the App Store

That link didnt work. Do I just search for I_FoscamHD.xml in the store?

See attachment here.

Have fun!

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Thank you.

My only programming experience is with php.

I assume there is some form of API to the camera? If so were do I get the details for a cam. Is it a case of writing to the manufacturer or doesn’t it work that way.

Check the documentation section of the supplier’s website.

I understand if cheap is the way you want to go. Personally, I would rather spend a few extra bucks up front for something that will last a long time and is of a higher grade quality. The camera system I bought was a 2 camera wireless system from Lorex. It was easy to install and works great. I really wanted something with night vision and these provide it. I’m really happy with it. Here’s a link to their site if you want to check it out. Security Cameras - Home Security Camera Systems | Lorex Good luck to you!