Changing Vera Account Password via HTTP


I know that Vera account password can be easiliy changed via web browser (
I just wonder is there a way to change password using HTTP requests?


I doubt it. It’s probable that the password is kept only on the MCV server and it isn’t ever seen by Vera.

You could probably do it by impersonating a web browser and talking directly to the MCV servers.

Thanks futzle,

What is the way of directly talking to MCV servers for changing password?
Is there a web service or an HTTP request such as ?

You’ll have to experiment and work it out for yourself, sorry. You could start by opening the MCV login page in Firefox with the Net tab of FireBug enabled. That will show you the series of HTTP requests and responses that a real user does while changing their password. Then it’s a matter of doing the same with a programmable HTTP client such as curl, and whittling away the unnecessary stuff until you are left with the shortest sequence of requests that changes your password.