Changing variables from the scene 'Advanced' tab

I’ve recently added a new variable to my Heatmiser thermostat plug-in following a user request. Everything works as expected apart from one thing. When I select the Heatmiser device on the scene ‘Advanced’ tab the new variable appears in the drop-down and when I pick it a line appears under ‘Delay: Immediate’ as expected, but there’s no entry field on the right - hence I can’t change the variable when a scene is triggered. The data entry on the device ‘Control’ tab works perfectly.

The variable has my own service ID because there’s no suitable alternative in the standard thermostat variables, and obviously I’m missing something in one of my plug-in files. What statement is required to specify that a data entry is expected on the scene ‘Advanced’ tab?

Can anyone point me to a solution please? I’ve tried several search terms on the forum, without success.

Thanks in advance!

The advanced tab of scenes allow you to run actions of the device … Not set device variables.

Many devices have defined actions to set variables.
You created a variable but not an action.


Perhaps I should have explained that better. I’ve created code in my lua file to allow the variable to be changed, and added actions to the I and S files accordingly. It’s those actions I get in the list, but with no data entry window beside them.

You have to modify the json file as well.