Changing Room

Is there some way to change a device from “No Room” to a different room?

I just can’t find the option going from Device > Stettings …

On the device page (where you see the Settings option and the No Room) it should be a drop down where you can select a different room. Just click on the down arrow by the No Room.

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I have that option on every room except No Room. Strange.

I had a collection of troublesome devices and fixed them with a hacked extension cord.
After fixing I stashed them in No Room for future use.
Now I can’t move them.

So when you click on the devices tab on the left side of the Vera hub’s main page and the devices are sorted by Room (selectable at the top), devies in no room appear first. If you select one of those devices you shoud see something like this:

Then you could select one of your existing rooms or create a new one.

The “Assigned to room” pull down does not exist in any of my “No room” devices.

In every other room all devices have it.

Maybe they left it out in the coding.

I have never seen this so I doubt it. Try dumping your browser cache and reload the vera url?

Dumped all history in Safari. Logged out, New Tab, Logged in again. Same thing.

You can still change the room by going to the advanced menu under params. You should see a parameter called room. 0 is the no room. You can just pick another number. If you don’t see it, your database probably got corrupted. We can still fix it through lua code.

Changing the room # moves it to a different room. Had to go to the desired room and look up the number.

So the major problem for me is solved. Thanks.

However, the missing (which room) pull down is still missing after changing rooms. So that characteristic goes with the device.

Still sounds like you got something corrupted in your database. I don’t know what makes the UI display that option though. I it for example a child device of another device?

I have about 10 devices in “No Room”. The long way to fix it is to unpair and re-pair assigning them to a new room “unused”. Some of these devices were troublemakers, so if there’s an easier way… Several are new devices I was checking for functionality. There must be something in the SQL creating the problem.

I have had several problems with Alexa saying that the skill for a device is not enabled even though other identical devices work fine. Disabling the skill, restarting and enabling the skill is a workaround sometimes after searching for devices all over again. Sometimes I loose more devices when doing this. Sometimes devices and scenes that are long gone show up again. Maybe this is related to the database corruption.

Take a look at your luup reload and storage/memory. You possibly have a system flaking out due to resources constraints or dying flash cells. You can look at various threads on this forum about extrooting and moving plugins out of the vera.

Hmmm. It’s a new Vera Plus upgraded from a Vera Lite. Maybe 20 devices on it newly installed in order.

Nothing would surprise me… I had bad flash cells out of the box which took a few reboots so the firmware blacklists them. According the Macronix, the flash maker, it is normal and expected. It is in their spec sheet.

Do you have a reference on how to do this?

I along with others started quite a few threads you can search.

And I thought I had problems… All of these go back to software architecture and basic hardware problems. Hard to believe after all these years that there are design problems causing major instability.

I wonder if it the same on other wave platforms.

The vera takes a lot of work to get to anywhere near stability but there is hope with the new ownership. Devs are on this forum reading our feedback and moving the ball along. There is also the possibility of a brand new firmware written from the ground up. My own setup has come a long way.

Other zwave platforms are much more stable and are fundamentally newer. Each however has its pros and cons in terms of configurability, device support and how open they are.