Changing Modes Reset Armed Motion Detector

I have a motion detector set through a scene to arm at dusk and disarm at daybreak. I use this to trip the front porch light when someone approaches the front door.

Lately, I wanted to start using modes but when changing modes I have to select either arm or disarm for each sensor. How do I get the porch motion sensor to rearm after dark if I change modes? Or conversely, disarm during the daytime when changing modes?

There doesn’t seem to be any if/then logic in executing scenes.


For Automation logic use PLEG

Somehow I figured that would be the recommendation. And I’m not surprised it’s from you, I already use Vera Alerts.

I will install and start learning tonight. Do I have to install both Program Logic Core and PLEG?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, PLC contains the majority of the code which is common to PLEG and PLTS.