Changed state - door locked or not - Fibaro Universal sensor

I’m new to Vera and still learning. But things is not always what one expect. If I did understand the whole concept better then this would probaly be a no problem.

Trying out a Fibaro Universal sensor, that should tell me if a cylinder in a door has been locked or not (i.e. that is not opened or not).
The universal sensor triggers fine and vera update works fine, but do not trigger for a scene or two (on/off).
My questions are: What am I doing wrong here, or think wrong, and how do I solve this best?
I would like this finally to be only one scene or rather a state (unlocked/locked = red/green or off/on).

I found that my girlfriend tends to leave our back garden door closed but not “locked”. Thus I want to know if this door is locked or not. Next option would be opened or not, intrusion, but that is more of a neat option.

1 Fibaro universal sensor and a backgarden door. This is only in test stage, but will hopefully be implemented into the door.
The key lock mode has two states and to understand this, the cylinder-lock has two (or three) mechanical states - either you turn the key to the right and the lock is locked, or turned to the left and the lock is unlocked. Between them is a neutral state (it can be either in locked or unlocked state - this is where the key can be pulled out and the door opened). The actuall openeing of the door is made by a handle (obvoius it can only be done in unlocked state).
THe mechanical solution will be a small 12v battery, a circuit board with electrical triggers to left and to the rigth and normally open between, thus three different states [N1= tigger unlocked, Neutral=NO, and N2=trigger locked].

I will have a electrical trigger to both left and to the rigth (unlocked/locked), this causing the trigger only to be triggered for less than a second. This seems fine to trigger for the Fibaro sensor (the red guy is running), but it’s not triggered in a scene (a scene is just for test). What am I doing wrong here? Or is there something else I can add in to make this relay work.

What am i doing wrong here?
Actually I would like some switch that either is red (unlocked) or green (locked), and it should be fired instantely since one can turn the key quite fast between these to states. In the future it should also inform me when leaving the house that the door is unlocked (this I have not yet thought about how to solve, cause I’m still testing part 1).
Best part would also be to install a magnetic contact to trigger an alarm if the door is locked (intrusion protection), maybe that is possible having the armed/bypass tigger changed in the locked state (another part not thought about to handle).

The main thing is still is the problem having a less than a second trigger actually trigg a scene, and hopefully have somtehing that switch between these to states instantly.
The other parts have then to be solved later - or someone actually have a solution to all of the problems to be solved right away I would be gratefull. Best addin etc.

Using VeraLite and UI5 latest firmware.

When one think he’s getting it all clear, one minute later realises it’s far from. I’ll guess ther will be more questions anyway. And I think Vera ans Z-wave should be able to handle this with real confidence - through aknowledge - which is the thing with Z-wave and with it’s two way communication.

  1. For left and right I said NC, I mean when triggered the ciruit should be closed (and triggered) - and perhaps only for a second.
  2. Yes I can trigger a scene, but only if I keep it trigged (closed) for several seconds (but this will not be the case according to me making it fool-proof). Yes I know I can set parameter forthe sensor to remeber it’s state, but what about #3 below?
  3. When things goes real bananas it should/have to remeber tha last of them triggered. I.e. you can turn it right, left, right… and yet it should be able to know which was the actuall last state (not likely we’ll do that but if it can be handle it’ll be more foolproff).

Actually this has not to be fast, but it should always be able to know which really was the real last actuall state: locked or not.

// Qunaki