Change the voice

Hey guys,

My android phone runs Kitkat and the google voice is way better than what Sonos can say, but what I don’t understand is that Sonos gets it voice from Google…

How can I change the voice so that Sonos has the same as my phone? fyi even though I am in Australia, I have my phone set as US english.

thanks in advance
I did search, but couldn’t find what I was looking for, or I did, but it is just way over my head :slight_smile:


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Something very strange happened this morning when my driveway sensor was tripped and my sonos speaker said “drive way motion detected” like it has 100 times before only this time it was in a British accent. I was a bit confused so I manually ran it and it was a womens voice with a British accent, then I ran a couple other scenes but the voice was the original voice. I rebooted the vera and then the driveway scene was back to the original voice as well. So i guess its possible to change the voice and would also like to know how because the British womens voice does sound better

Go to Google traduction and check the voices selecting the different languages.

All I see on there is English which sounds the same as the normal one I always here via your plugin. very strange

Eddited to add

Ok so I found if i use the translate site [url=][/url] the voice is in the British accent, now i don’t know how it happened but would like to know if you have any idea. maybe there is a way to make a option to use the google server?


I tried to use instead of with language “en” but same voice. Maybe there is another labguage ?

When I open and and I try the playback of an english sentence, I get exactly the same female voice. How do you get a different voice ?

I just tried it again and when I use the one I get a female voice with British accent. And on the .com on it is a female voice American accent. I think what I could just do is save the output as a mp3 and just use that instead. I only came across this by accident and was more curious how it happend.

Also tried and that is different then the other two as well.

Maybe I am not able to distinguish accents ;D I just tried with a “hello world”. I will try again.
So the change would be easy, it would just need a new setting to select the Google domain.
You can already try to modify line 54 in file L_SonosTTS.lua replacing by and let me know if it works.

Thanks, I’ll try it this weekend and will report back.

I don’t hear differences between and but delivers clearly a different english voice, not as good.

Thanks Lolodomo, changing line 54 as you said worked, kind of cool to change things up a bit.

OK I could add a new setting for that in the next version.

I don’t think its really a big deal, pretty quick and easy to change line 54.

I added a new setting. This will be included in the next version.

@loldomo, did you ever implement this capability? It would be nice to change to different types of voices e.g. male/female or American vs Anglicised (UK) English. Mike

Yes it is available in v1.4. You can try from the TTS tab.

@lolodomo, may thanxs “you da man!” had you not mention to look under the TTS tab under the Language drop down, it would have been hidden. Mike