Change SMS settings

Couple of quick questions regarding the SMS setup. is there a way to change the number vera uses for the sms message. Currently it is set to send the a message and the “phone number” it uses to send from is a sequential number that is generated from the vera. the issue with this is that it becomes a giant pain in the rear to delete a don of individual messages on the phone. the better solution would be to have the vera send from a single number and add the sequential alert number to the message body. Which brings me to the next question, is there a way to modify the body of the message that vera sends?

Did you ever get an answer to either of your questions as I just setup my first device and have the same two questions.

There’s no way to do what he wants with Vera’s built-in notification system.

But, you can do stuff like this and much more if you use the Vera Alerts plugin. It works best with the accompanying Vera Alerts Android app, but it still works with iPhone, eMail, and lots more notification methods.

Thanks for the reply, I will give that a try