Change background for devices?


I assume I’m a bit daft, but I can’t understand how to change the background for devices? How do I e.g. change the background to black and the border to white? It seems I have tried everything in the settings to no avail.

You should be able to change it via the app’s settings/themes/background - set this to white. You may need to set the menu theme to white or auto too.

It’s the background inside the border I want to change to black. I only want the border and text to be white, the rest should be black. Is this possible?

Ah - I misunderstood. No, that’s not possible currently. I will add it to the development list.

Please do! I would like a black, very clean theme. My goal is something like Fibaros gorgeous app for HC2.

Should be in the latest release. It simply applies the same theme as the buttons onto the list view (if selected), but let me know if that works.