Change 15 sec auto lock on Kwikset to 3 mins?

Hey guys,

How to change the kwikset door locks 15 seconds auto lock time to 3 mins in the day, and 1 min at night after 9 pm?
I tried doing this with scenes based on schedules and delay with 3 mins to lock but it did not work.


This is what i did to mine. Maybe this is a good starting point.,15281.0.html


I also used PLEG to set my autolock time to something beyond what my Yale lock will do on its own. Plus, once you get the lock inputs in there, you can build other cool automations…

obbi13 thanks for the link, i had seen it earlier, and tried it myself, but could not make it work cos i dont have the sensor included. I might include it in the near future… but right now i need to get this work… its driving us crazy.

Awesome… do you mind sharing the steps… it’d be of great help buddy.

Here is a thread on autolocking.,14587.msg116840.html#msg116840
Could be done stand alone without the alarm system door sensor, but mine is very similar to what they discuss in this thread (I chose xx minutes AFTER the door closes)…