Chain Shade Driver

I’m not sure why I’m failing I’m this search. I have existing chain shades that I’d like to “smarten” up. I’ve seen Ryse and Axis but they’re not ZWave communication and it’s not clear if they’re something that can connect up with Vera/Ezlo. Is there something out there that I’m missing?

Not sure if iBlinds offers motors to control chain shades, but it’s worth checking since they are now integrated with Ezlo (not Vera):

So I bought two of the Axis Gear devices and after one hard reset of the gear device, I was able to get both hooked up via Zigbee. They show up as a dimmer light switch but they work. Not sure if it’s Axis or Ezlo but there has been intermittent no communication issue, quick power cycle of the Gear and it’s back.

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