Centrality Water Sensor 3315-G

I have 8 Centralite Water Sensors (3315-G) that were working fine but when i tested them, they are not working. This is what i did so far.

  1. Went in to the Vera App and deleted 2 of them.
  2. I changed the batteries (because i had them).
  3. I held down the button to do a hard reset (red light comes on and goes off).
  4. I tried repairing them and when i pull and replace the battery the light goes green (which i think means it is still paired).

I can not get them to repair.

What am i doing wrong?

Please help!

PS: I have a Vera Secure.

Hello @DRagu,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. There could be an issue with the controller’s Zigbee service. Take a close look at the Zigbee LED light when you put the controller in inclusion mode and make sure it blinks, listening for joining nodes.

We’ve opened a ticket for you to provide some info about your controller. Check your email.

The zig bee light blinks…. So the controller is fine.

Any last thoughts?

I held the reset button in ….

Had a similar issue after the original batteries died in my two devices after only 6 months. One restarted immediately once the new battery was in. The other had to be reset - process I used: with the battery out of the sensor, push down and hold the reset button then reinsert the battery. That did the trick for me. I was then able to do the inclusion process.