Centralite Motion keeps tripping why?

Does anyone have a Zigbee Centralite Motion sensor paired to an Ezlo Plus?

Mine keeps tripping over and over when there is no actual movement taking place, which makes this sensor usless and not reliable.

The battery level in the mobile app says its 70% however.

Anyone else had similar issues?

I removed the battery and put it back in.

This seemed to stop it false tripping for a period of time.

However its doing it again and just tripping all the time.

I had to disable the associated rule as it kept being falsely triggered.

Will there be anything in the Zigbee log to say whats happening?

No one else got a Centralite motion sensor?

This motion sensor takes a CR2450 battery which is 3v.

I’ve just tested the battery with a multi meter and it says 2.90v

I assume the battery is still good enough.

Are the 2.9V under load or expanded?

Not sure what you mean by that?

I tested the battery whilst removed from the motion sensor, as that was the only way to access both sides of the coin cell battery etc.

If the battery is only 2.9 V when removed, it is probably almost empty. When fully charged it should be around 3.3V

OK thanks ill have to order a new battery.

The batteries on these Zigbee Centralite devices don’t seem to last that long.

I have a water leak sensor and that needs another new battery yet again.

Fitted a new battery. That read as 3.26 volts.

Also fitted a new battery to the water leak sensor.

Will see how long they last and if the false trips stop now on this motion sensor ?

So a new battery seems to have fixed things, even though the device on the old battery was still reporting 70%.

So why do these devices false trip over and over on low battery level?