Celsius to Farenheit on Remotec ZXT-120


I’ve read the other threads on the Remotec AC IR and can’t find what I need.

I’ve got the ZXT 120 set up for my AC with one of the built in codes. I didn’t need to use the learning system.

However, while in the Vera dashboard (UI5) it correctly reads in Farenheit, when it sends to the unit it sends in Celsius. I’m in the U.S., so previously my ductless fan AC was using Farenheit from it’s native remote control. When I alter the temperature using the native remote control it reverts back to Farenheit.

So in short, if I manipulate the AC from Vera it receives and displays temp in C, whereas from the remote control it correctly shows F. Since I’m not sure if the AC is attempting to cool the room to 25F(!), I’d feel much better if I could work out the Remotec to send temps in F so that it’s consistent.

I have UI5 correctly set for Farenheit, and my other thermostats all have functioned correctly forever.

Any thoughts? Is there a configuration setting for this in Remotec that I can’t find on the web?

Thanks in advance.

Did you happen to get past this issue? I installed my second ZXT 120 and the unit it’s controlling is having this same behavior.

I learned to live with it. I should note that the ZXT-120’s controlling those original ductless units still had the same Celsius issue when I converted over to HomeSeer.

I’ve since added some new Mitsubishi units and the ZXT’s control them in F. Weird.

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