Ceiling fan and light control: Insteon VS Z-wave?

So, I have a few ceiling fans (8; 3 without lights) in my house that I want to add to my z-wave network (which is quite small as it is now). I see that some people opted to go with the Insteon approach using the FanLinc. I was pretty much set to go this route, but then I started wondering. Besides the benefits of:

[ol][li]Not needing a wall switch if you don’t want one, and[/li]
[li]Only taking up 1 gang if you do want wall control[/li][/ol]

Is there any benefit of going this route? I ask because for most of my fans, I have no problem ripping out the jbox and installing a bigger one to accommodate 2 switches. In some locations, actually, I’ve forgone ceiling fan lights all together by using recessed lighting instead ( back porch and living room, which make up the 3 fans). Is the fanLinc just that much better and is worth the trouble to keep the Insteon scene controller and fanLinc in sync? Have most of you done it because you’re lacking the 3 wire going to the fan (which means you can’t control the fan and light separately from the wall)?

I’m just curious and I really want to do my research before I move forward. Right now, I’m thinking I can use a leviton fan controller and a leviton dimmer (though I have to test if it will work with my LED bulbs first). I personally ran the power for most of my fans, so I made sure that even those without lights have 3 wire going to them just in case. I guess this is going to expand my options. The only daunting part is the replacing of the jboxes.

Another quick question, for those of you with FanLincs: How are they with LED bulbs? that is another concern of mine as well.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Another benefit is price!

VRF01s are 116 on Amazon ($928), and VRI06s are $71 ($355).
That would be $1283 if you went all Leviton. You could save some $ by using GE, etc…but then they don’t match, might loose instant status, etc.

To use FanLincs, which are $60 at SmartHome, and $61 on Amazon, that is $488. Add another 45-80 if you don’t have a PLM already, and you are at $568. Granted, KPLs do add to the cost, but you don’t need them everywhere. And where you do need/want them, you might be able to replace an existing switch (that controls something else entirely) for $80, and then the cost gets split between the fan and some other device/light.

Also, the wiring for FanLincs is easier, since you just need Line and Neutral at the fan. If the wiring doesn’t already have a separate wire for fan motor and light, you would either 1) have to run new wire or 2) limit it to a relay that is on or off…with no fan speed control or dimmer level control.