CDT for America wrong after your server maintenance

Check your time server MCV, CDT for America is now wrong. Is it server side, or do I need to reboot my vera 1 again?



On our test units, the time looks ok. Try to set a different time zone and see if you still get wrong time. If so, then there is a problem and we will look into it. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply.

I changed the setting on location to Eastern Time, changed the city and saved. I then changed the city back to mine in cdt, saved, and logged back in and it is still wrong. As I write this, vera believes it is Thursday April 1 around 11PM. . . .I first started receiving the wrong time on SMS stamps the same day you announced server maintenance. Then my house went crazy as all of the time events are now way off, i had to shut down my zwave devices. . .

Do you mean April 1st? March 1st wasn’t a Thursday this year.

yes, and thank you. i think my frustration overwhelmed my precious few brain cells.

So as I posted earlier, the time on my vera1 started reporting a day off the same day of the server maintenance at MCV. Maybe coincidence, maybe not.

After trying the idea posted earlier, here is what actually fixed it.

I pulled the power from vera, let it boot all the way up, and pulled the power again. After 3 times my vera started reporting the correct date and time again.

vera has not been very friendly to me…