cant unlock to trial version

I have installed AutoVera on my Samsung S4, and linked it successfully to my Vera. Trying to unlock the trial version to test it. when I click on unlock in the android app, I get the following message:
Unlock app - I click ok
to unlock this app, get the autoapps there where you can unlock every tasker plugin by this developer… - click ok
this the opens the google play store - item not found

So how do I activate the 14 day trial ?

Hi, Mikee123,

Are you registered for the AutoVera beta? If so, that could be causing the unlock issue. The Autovera Beta assumes you have purchased the unlock key and includes the option to subscribe to AutoApps. With AutoApps, available for $1.35 /mo, you’ll unlock all of the the Auto plugins, including AutoRemote, AutoNotification, AutoLocation, AutoPebble, AutoVera, and more.

To install AutoVera and take advantage of the trial, you will need to unregister from the AutoVera Beta. Click on AutoVera Beta within this link: while loged in to your Google account. You’ll then opt to leave testing. Now install AutoVera stable from the Play Store and you should have no problem accessing the 14-day trial.

Please let me know if you run in to any further difficulty.

That worked, thanks. Testing it now, I love your tutorials, really good. Set up a few things in tasker, see how it all works