Can't stop alerts from locks

I get alerts from all three of my locks when they are locked or unlocked. On my phone, it get a notification that is somewhat useful. It tells me that xxx lock was locked or changed state. Now that i have three locks, I would like to turn it off.

I did not set this on a per lock basis The modes don’t have notifications set.

Anyone have some ideas of where to poke around to remove them? Feels like they were set in the UI, the UI thinks they are off, they are actually still set.

Is this a UI/Edge issue? Can they be removed by editing a file on the Edge. I am cool with editing json, etc.

Did you figure out how to stop these?

I have same issue with Lockwood/Yale lock I believe it is the parameter that has options for reporting and there is

or they are called something like that and it is default set to 2 or normal I think we want privacy?

Same problem i get emails every time its locked or unlocked no phone push as i turned that off and made vera alerts only do specific push’s I think best way for us is a email/gmail filter for specific text to just folder/read those emails then its handy if we ever want to check status or log its all in one folder…