Can't Remove Z-Wave

When I reflashed the previous firmware and also flashed with the current, the Z-Wave devices will not go away even after I reset the controller. Any thoughts?

Knowing how the interface is working, did you click on the Delete Device button under it, wait a mintue, and then log/close out and give it a few mintues to update?

I’ve noticed some of those types of things take a few minutes to update.

From what I remember, I didn’t see a Delete button where it would normally have been. I went back now to double-check, looks like all it needed was some time as everything is gone!

It strikes me that I read somewhere that Firefox is better for viewing the interface, and probably due to how it cache’s the web pages.

Would be interesting to see which of the top 5 browsers perform the best.

There was a caching issue with IE7 because IE7 was ignoring the ‘nocache’ option. That’s been fixed. If you go under Devices, More Z-Wave options, and click ‘reset network’, that should clear the dongle out. Then wait a minute for it to report the new devices, which will be empty, and all the Z-Wave devices should be gone and the dongle is clean. You can also remove the dongle, press and hold the button until it flashes rapidly, and then carry it when you active a Z-Wave device to reset an individual Z-Wave node, and remove it from the network.