Cant get zwave routing script/plugin. What happened to it?

Hi All,

In trying to debug my zwave ntwk, I came across this 3+ yr old thread
(,5130.0.html), which
seems would be very helpful in seeing if my zwave topology has any
more than 4 hop holes in it. But I cant find anyplace to download it or get

Can anyone help me point me to what happened to this?


Ap15e has left the forum and looks like he has removed his plugins as well. The only way of getting a hold of this script is if another member on this forum has a copy of it.

  • Garrett

While I’m new to this forum I’m not sure advocating people to circumvent the wishes of the developer is the proper course of action. If he took his code down, he doesn’t want it distributed. It’s as simple as that.

People who distribute it and/or web sites that would condone it would be in violation of us/world copyright laws.