Can't get WAP plugin to work

The Graphical Version for Smart Phones is working, but WAP is not. I’ve uninstalled an reinstalled the plugin several times.

Selected plugin is not installed. Retry Logout

Please go to your Vera Devices/Luup plugins and install it.
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Unfortunately, the smartphone version will not work with the Browser on the Nevo S70 remote for some reason?

What do I need to do to get the WAP interface working?

I can’t answer your question on the WAP plugin, but what are you trying to accomplish? I’m assuming you’re looking for support of devices that the S70 doesn’t support - door locks, battery-powered sensors, serial devices, etc???

For these, I added an IP device for vera to my project, with commands for lock, unlock, status, etc. for each of my locks. Then I created a widget for each door lock and sensor. Is this what you’re trying to accomplish?