can't flash veralite - can't PING from PC to Veralite???

Hi - I’m trying to flash (per instructions) veralite (has blue flashing light issue), however when I set up my static IP on PC and network cable directly to the Veralite I can never manager to PING it?

QUESTION: Could my Veralite unit need replacement? i.e. if I can’t get the network working to be able to perform the flash…


Please connect the unit to the laptop using the internet cable, after that you will have to set a static ip for this connection. You will have to add:

1st field :
2nd field :
3rd field :

Using the terminal you must telnet into the unit and run the next 3 commands but before you do this you must power cycle the unit and when the power lighst starts flashing , you will have to press for one time on the reset button, after you do this the power light should start flashing faster.

Hi.same problem here.after an restart ,blue light blinking and restart loop . flash procedure only worked to me on XP. windows 8 or 10 will block that connection.
I follow the tutorial but after upload with success(it says…) ,it got bricked!!! now i connect to power ,blink once all lights and then…nothing. no lights,no ip response… nothing. In fact now i don’t know what ip it responds now,after firmware update ,if it responds to any. it’s